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Julio 2018

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Concurso de pintura de Wyrd

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Concurso de pintura de Wyrd

Mensaje por Sezar el Jue 16 Sep 2010, 12:12

En Wyrd acaban de anunciar el VI Concurso de pintura, esta vez como tema de fondo el Halloween. Hay varias categorías y se puede presentar una entrada por cada una de ellas por persona. Lo que más me gusta es que todas las inscripciones serán anónimas y no se sabrá de quién es cada mini hasta después de las votaciones. Habrá premios para los vencedores de cada categoría, pero también se entregarán premios al azar entre todos los participantes.

Definitivamente pienso participar, aún no tengo claro con qué, pero ya se me ocurrirá algo. Por cierto que se permiten minis de cualquier marca, aunque no sean de Wyrd, y no importa el tamaño, siempre que la foto que envíes no tenga más de 800pixels de anchura.

Aquí tenéis el anuncio:

With the Halloween and Harvest season right around the corner, it is once again time to kick things off with, to date, our most popular contest, The Rotten Harvest!

Round about the paint pot go. On the palette throw
royal blue and blood red. Forty-seven Days of Dread;
Double, double toil and trouble; 
Fire burn, and paint pot bubble.

The contest will run from September 15th through October 31st and during that time competition entries can be submitted. At the close of the contest, voting will commence for one week where you will be allowed to vote anonymously through the Wyrd forum software as well as leave comments and critique which we have found our previous entrants have greatly enjoyed. After the voting, announcements will be made and prizes sent to the winners, along with the random prizes that we give away with every contest.

The specific rules for the contest can be found on the Wyrd Miniatures website on the forums under 'Wyrd Painting Contest: Rules and Information'. I would really like to stress folks to read the rules, as folks tend to miss them for some reason and they end up misunderstanding the contest, the theme or disqualify themselves.

Due to the sheer number of people that have entered unedited photographs in the past we will no longer do any editing for you. There are many free photo resizing programs out there. Wyrd staff will attempt to notify anyone who's pictures were deleted due to size or for any reason, but can not guarantee notification.

The categories for the contest are:

Witches and Warlocks Spellcasters of all sorts, from high fantasy, modern day dabbler to the far sci-fi future. If they carry a wand, cast a spell or even have a hint of mysticism to them, this is the category for them.

Not Quite Dead Yet Still stumbling around after all the major organ functions have shut down? Have a beef with the living? This category is for the Undead, or as they like to be called 'Living Impaired'.

Things that go Bump in the Night Creatures, critters, monsters and other things that have a tendency towards anti-social behavior and prowl the night looking for victims. Caution, here be Monsters!

The Trick or the Treat This is our catch-all category as there are some miniatures that are just right for the theme but just don't seem to fall into any other category. Zombie Hunters, pumpkin characters and I'm sure several miniatures I never would have even contemplated.

The Harrowing Harvest A diorama with two or more miniatures locked in combat, or something as equally disturbing.

Wyrd Miniatures will be supplying prizes and gift certificates for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners of each category, except for Best of Show and Best Base or Diorama as that category has only the one winner. We'll also be offering a 'Best of Wyrd' manufacturers prize for the best Wyrd Miniatures entry, which is a $100USD gift certificate on top of any other prizes or categories you may win.

Y AQUÍ podéis encontrarlo en el foro oficial.

Tauro Dragón
Cantidad de envíos : 3795
Localización : Alicante


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Re: Concurso de pintura de Wyrd

Mensaje por RICO el Jue 16 Sep 2010, 15:36

yo como que todavia no puedo pero molara ver lo que hace la gente espero que cuelgen las fotos en plan galeria

suerte tio cheers

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