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Octubre 2017

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Verdes órdenes! Semana 1

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Verdes órdenes! Semana 1

Mensaje por Owen Ojo De Lobo el Vie 15 Jun 2012, 18:03

[QUOTE=Spiku;410132]BOUNTY MAP
Click to enlarge

Current Campaign Bounties
Defend: 7, 10 (Banjo)
Attack: 13 (Raphael)

Breaking News
[URL="http://www.wyrd-games.net/showthread.php?32260-Just-to-help-you-plan-your-attack&p=410249#post410249"]Hot off the presses[/URL]: Following information provided in this link, new secret bounties have been prepared for the final and penultimate weeks; week by week bounties shall be prepared following further updates on Friday. (7) Slums (Little Kingdom) will be providing a bounty every week in which it is maintained. (9) Deadwalks City is off limits. (2) Downtown is off limits.

Outcast games as "attacker" should take place in the following locations:

  • Arcanists: Arcanist attacks should be focused on the NCZ (5) or other factions.
  • Resser: Focus on Southern Slums (13) for Succubus Cafe Bounty
  • Guild: Any locations other than Downtown (2); it is too dangerous to risk.
  • Neverborn: Given the only suitable target is Quarentine Zone (Cool for Freikorps Headquarters and this is a 3 point location, attacks in the 1st week should be directed at one of the other factions until this location is weakened. Avoid Neverborn games in favour of other opponents.

As stated, I am out of retirement for the purposes of this event, and offering bounties.

I will draw a picture of the highest contributor's choice for each Outcast victory that results in a claimed location.

Drawings are as dictated by the Outcast player claiming the location, or simply a picture representing their victory if they wish to leave it to me.

Full painted A4 piece per location posted to the Outcast player(s) who contributed most to control of Little Kingdom, Succubus Cafe, and Captivating Salvage and Logistics (Locations: 7,13,10) if it is controlled at the end of the Campaign.

Bonus pictures offered for:

  • Von Schill victory to claim the Freikorps Headquarters (Cool
  • Sportsmanship award for playing Hamelin without losing once.
  • Every victory of Gremlins against Perdita
  • Wooden Spoon for the non-Outcast player who records the most losses against an Outcast (feel free to nominate a player in your groups who has lost regularly to Outcast players)

More as suggested and announced.

Picture of choice to the person who provides the most reconnaissance on other Faction activities that is accurate each week regardless of their Faction allegiance. Full colour to the person who contributed most at the end of the campaign regardless of faction outcome.

I may be able to provide a Gremlin War Cock and Egg Hauler as an MVP bounty.

The onus will be on you to report victories to me, and then these will be tallied against each map update unless the organisers choose to reveal the data on this.

May the best Gremlin win.

---------- Post added at 11:20 PM ---------- Previous post was at 11:18 PM ----------

Art will be editted in to this post. Example of my rubbish contribution enclosed.

Edit: For obvious reasons, I do not qualify for any of the rewards. Players in my gaming groups are not eligible in the interests of fairness.[/QUOTE]

Owen Ojo De Lobo

Aries Cabra
Cantidad de envíos : 2249
Localización : Al otro lado de la Brecha


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